Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Terrible, terrible news coming out of Nigeria tonight regarding slaughter of Christians

Ruth Gledhill has the scoop here. She quotes Ben Kawshi, simply one of the coolest people on the planet, as saying,"I think it is all Christians killed. The Muslims who were living with them in the villages I heard had left the village. We are hoping now that the government of Nigeria will see that we have a very, very big problem. The kind of cooperation that came into play - that could violate a curfew - that could take the law into their own hands - it is a very strong organisation."

Archbishop Kawshi then continued, "'I worry which village, which town, which area will be next. It affects me deeply. I do not like to see human life destroyed like this. God created life as life, He creates human beings to come into the world. I do not care what religion a person is, it is a matter of life. It is not right that life should be expended like this, for whatever reason."

At that moment, Ruth reports, he was so close to tears he couldn't continue. Please pray for Nigeria and for the Church.

You can also read more from the Barnabus Fund here.

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Anonymous said...

This helps put our intranecine tiffs in perspective, doesn't it? Pray for these people.