Saturday, March 20, 2010

Giving thanks to the Lord, for we serve at His pleasure - and all that we have belongs to Him

Truro has come up as a topic on the HoB/HoD listserve, so thought it might be a good time to repost this video. We may stay, we may go - but it all still belongs to the Lord - ad maiorem Dei gloriam.


Unknown said...

ettu, that was not helpful to post what you posted in this entry. If you were sitting at a cafe table where friends with whom you disagree were considering what is in this video and announced what you said in your off-topic posting, how do you think your friends would feel?

I am going to assume you didn't mean to do that on purpose. You are free to prayerfully post that announcement in a thread that seems more appropriate.


Steven in Falls Church said...

BB -- What was said on the listserv? In the end it does all belong to the Lord but let's hope to defeat the lawsuits so that TEC can't turn our churches over to Allah for interim custody!

Unknown said...

It is sad when an Episcopal bishop who has spent the last twenty years trying to initiate thoughtful and compassionate theological reform in The Episcopal Church is attacked publicly by a member of the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church for his leadership of Truro.

There is hope for the Episcopal Church because there are Episcopalians who love Jesus and desire to see others come to know the amazing grace of His great love and redemption. It is sad that there are those in offices of leadership who continue to publicly attack Episcopal evangelicals because they disagree with the actions that are causing the tearing of the fabric of the Anglican Communion.

Truro is not the buildings - Truro is the people gathered in those buildings. The Church is not the buildings, the Church is the people who gather in the buildings.

The buildings belong to the Lord - we are stewards of these tools of His work - but they belong to Him. It's important, because no matter what happens, all that we have belongs to the Lord.

I don't know why this member of the Executive Council is attacking John Howe or Truro, but it may be that he's been privy to some sober insight into what may be about to happen in Richmond. Whatever does happen, may we walk through these next weeks in love and grace. This video reminds me that the story is not about any one man alone, be it Martyn Minns, or John Howe, or Tory Baucum, or Raymond Davis - it is the story of God's amazing grace, His amazing love, and His amazing kindness at work in a community, that He would take "the least of these" and set them on fire with love for the work of ministry - a work that is not finished but has only just begun. To God be the glory.


Closing Down said...


I think the attack on our bishop +Howe is just part of the grand scheme to drive all out that disagree. I think 815 is hoping to trip up +Lawrence, +Howe, etc. That it was a member of the Executive Council the way it was done speaks volumes. I'm sure 815 doesn't like +Howe's handling of dissenting congregations although all but one left without the property - that one bought it after it sitting pretty much empty for a year.

In the months ahead I think we will see more attacks like these on bishops like +Howe and any dissenters. Just as some of the rounds of rhetoric complaining about alleged rhetoric.

mousestalker said...

I think some of them want to 'purify' the Episcopal Church, because they are tolerant and sensitive and caring.

To toot my horn, I've posted a bunch of posts about South Carolina from the HoBD over on my blog. I was sent them by a friend. I'm sure many of you have read them already, but it was a bit of an eye opener to me. SC has not left. They may never leave. And some are already contemplating deposing Bishop Lawrence. It sounds like it's of a piece with what you are saying about Bishop Howe.

I wonder if it's the same players. Probably.

ettu said...

BB - Point taken - however, I felt that was "breaking news" and could not find a recent thread to put it on - I felt that it was big news to those in the Northeast although I understand VA may be different - anyway congrats on your fine blog and the rare forum it provides for real dialogue between various factions - I hope it is not to become too restricted in its vision

Unknown said...

Don't think it will be restricted - after all, it's a cafe. Just think that posting an item on Episcopal Church litigation in a thread called "Giving Thanks to the Lord" does not exactly go hand in hand.


sophy0075 said...

Praise God for Truro's fifty years as a home for the faithful witness to the Kingship of Jesus Christ. Sto Lat!

Kevin said...

Report of happenings on the HoB/D listserv = :-( !!!

50 Years celebration of Lord's faithfulness to a part of His Body = :-) !!!

Anonymous said...

RE: "I think the attack on our bishop +Howe is just part of the grand scheme to drive all out that disagree."

Lakeland Two, I think in the case of that member of the Executive Council, you may be giving him too much credit.

I think petty, small, bitter, envious, and full of malice and bile and fury is probably a better list of reasons as to why he says what he says.

Remember -- despite their victories, they are full of anger and rage and frustration. I don't quite know why this is, but it is manifestly obvious.


Closing Down said...


May be giving too much credit. Only time will tell. But agree they are petty, small, bitter, etc.

May God strengthen His leadership and build up men and women of God with strong characters and spines. And may He help us all to stand strong in the Faith.

Cheryl said...

crying...that's all I can say. = )

Boy...that David Blackstone...can't miss him in an crowd, ey? = ) Thanks for posting this, Mary.

Cheryl said...

To clarify...NOT crying about all the Episcopal issues...crying in FOND memory of what this BEAUTIFUL church "Building" and it's people represent in my personal life I walked through the beginnings of Life in the Holy Spirit...Mary, I remember laying on the floor after Fr. Paul Frey prayed for me with your hand over my heart. = )

Thanks for the memories...

Closing Down said...


Thanks for sharing that. I could picture it and I haven't met you three. I miss days like that so much - my mountain top experiences. God bless you all, and may He multiply those blessings among us and our world.