Saturday, May 05, 2007

Live from CANA Installation Celebration: Procession

Here is the opening procession (off the laptop!) of the opening Procession for the Installation Celebration. As I wait for this upload, Bishop Minns has knocked on the door and is about to come into the church. The Welcome and Bishop's Procession is now underway and the crucifer leading the procession is Rachel Minns. Have now burst into tears and will be back shortly.


tdunbar said...

thanks for journalism & videos! how could one not cry

Anonymous said...

Well done, BB. Good grief, the timpani, the trumpet volunataries -- was it a simple installation or a coronation?!? (And I say this admiring the music!) Even this lowly reappraiser would have had a lump in my reapprasing throat!

And what a great ad for Macintosh! :-) Let's see a Dell accomplish what you did!

One question: There were a lot of bishops -- all that red... who were they?

Pax vobiscum,
Padre Wayne

Unknown said...

I'll get a list - they were from all over the place, including the Moderator of the Anglican Communion Network, Bishop Bob Duncan (took communion from him). ;-)


Anonymous said...

Anglican TV got nuttin' on this.