Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop of York issue joint statement on recent same sex wedding in Anglican Diocese of London

Rowan Williams and John Sentamu issue joint statement on same sex wedding officiated by an Church of England priest at St. Bartholomew the Great in London. From here.

Tuesday 17 June 2008

"We have heard the reports of the recent service in St Bartholomew the Great with very great concern. We cannot comment on the specific circumstances because they are the subject of an investigation launched by the Bishop of London.

On the general issue, however, the various reference points for the Church of England's approach to human sexuality (1987 Synod motion, 1991 Bishops' Statement- Issues in Human Sexuality- , Lambeth motion 1:10, House of Bishops' 2005 statement on civil partnerships) are well known and remain current.

Those clergy who disagree with the Church's teaching are at liberty to seek to persuade others within the Church of the reasons why they believe, in the light of Scripture, tradition and reason that it should be changed. But they are not at liberty simply to disregard it."

Or what?


Perpetua said...

Yes, they have shown that they are at liberty to disregard it, statements of church leaders to the contrary.

1662 BCP said...

Ebony and Ivory towers, the two of them. Literally a pair of Cape-ons if ever I saw one.

Chris Jones said...

Or what?

As the Archbishops noted in their statement, the matter is under investigation by the bishop of London. Bishop Chartres is the ordinary, and if there is discipline to be done, he is the one to do it. It would not be appropriate for the primate to get involved at this stage. Anglican archbishops don't have the "universal immediate ordinary jurisdiction" that the Pope claims.

What the Archbishops have done is to re-state forthrightly the principles ("reference points" as they call them) on which Bp Chartres ought to proceed. That is really all that they can do.

Anonymous said...

BTW BabyBlue,
Is it just me or do you too get the inclination that when you look at +Rowan Williams he would make a good character in the next Harry Potter movie? I too am a huge Harry Potter fan. But seriuosly I think he would have made a great Hogwarts professor of somesort! :)

1662 BCP said...

I really wish that this had been a photo from today's Changing of the Archbishops' Ceremony, mind you Cantuar is missing his driving cap. I imagine this snapshot was taken by a Japanese or American tourist. Too bad they didn't get them to pose in front of their matching confessional boxes. I still say the Germans had better uniforms, that's why Fritz, in the Vatican, is so popular these days.