Thursday, June 19, 2008

Send BabyBlue to Lambeth

An invitation has been extended from across the Big Pond to cover the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury. I have finally said yes and booked my flight.

Of course, it's down to the wire and I've been praying up a storm over the past few months if I should go to Lambeth and cover it as I have other church gatherings, General Conventions, House of Bishops meetings, Diocesan Councils - the usual - over the past fifteen years. Rang up the trusty Travel Agent yesterday and nearly lost my lunch over the price of the airfare, though. Wow. But here we go.

If Cafe patrons - liberal and conservative alike - think it's a good idea to send me to Lambeth to blog from sunrise to sunset - and beyond, would you consider clicking the button below?

My hope and prayer is to do what I've done at other meetings - try as best as I can to tell the story of what I see and hear and learn and to do it in a way that may help you feel like you are there. What I hope to do is to help get the true story out, as best as I can. That is my goal.

I'll be doing regular live blogging, video casting, posting photos, YouTube videos, interviews, and podcasting as I have in the past.

So there you are - the button to donate at PayPal is below and I'll put this button over in the links column as well. If you'd like to send BabyBlue to Lambeth, whatever you'd like to give is greatly appreciated - please know that. Please feel free to post your comments and if you have any questions, please also feel free to e-mail me at

But even more than that - please pray. Greater is He than is in us then he that is in the world. Or on the plane. I pledge to serve you as best as I can, you wonderful, wonderful people who drop by the Cafe, with all your thoughts, your ideas, your passion for life, for the Church, for Jesus - and sometimes even for Bob Dylan. Thank you for making this place a unique spot on the Anglican front. I learn so much from all of you.

I do hope you will join me - at least here at the Cafe - at Lambeth. To God be the glory.

Yes, I want to send
to Lambeth

UPDATE: I've sent in my press credential forms - so we're getting ready. I've covered four out of five General Conventions and the House of Bishops meeting in New Orleans from the press room. Right now I plan to fly into London and take a bus (rather than a train) to Canterbury. I'll be traveling with a copy of Jack Kerouac's On The Road. Don't you know that "God is Pooh Bear," as Kerouac writes, but He sure can get bounced down the stairs a lot.


Anonymous said...

Mary, I pray you get some good response here so you won't have to visit Ye Old Local Pawn Shoppe and sell your valuables! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds a great idea and expect your plans are sorted

I don't know if you were thinking of press accreditation but I did notice that the official deadline was 16th June

It is going to be a good summer over here on current form.

Perpetua said...

If you are planning to contribute, note that after you hit the PayPal link, you specify the donation amount before you sign in to your account.

Baby Blue, I contributed so that you will be there to talk to people. I want the people there to meet you and hear your story.

Jeffri Harre said...

So many good people to assist going to Lambeth! I'll see what I can do. We may have different opinions about the tempest in the Anglican teapot, but I'm very glad you're going.

Unknown said...

Thank you - I appreciate you all so much! Thanks for explaining how it works!


Anonymous said...

BB--I tried to make a small contribution, but PayPal was more convoluted than fulfilling the requirements of getting early retirement to be free from TEC. Something about whether I already had an account and what the credit card was I used last time. Sorry. I'll be looking for your reports.

Ann said...

Sending you some $$ - love your videos and use of tech. Not so much your POV - but want you there. Of course I do news for Episcopal Cafe so any news is good IMO.

Unknown said...

Thank you - I feel like I'll be saying this a lot, which is a very good thing!!! I remember years ago I heard someone preach that the way to combat anxiety (remember, "be anxious for nothing") is by being thankful ("in everything, give thanks"). A thankful heart may be just whatI need most of all in this journey. Thank you.

It also warms my heart to receive support from both those who agree with my POV and those who'drather not. There's something very, well, Anglican about that ...


Anonymous said...

BB - We are pleased to help support your efforts. God Bless!

Andrew Gerns said...

Another Episcopal Cafe blogger and newshound has happily donated to get another pair o' eyes and ears to the goings on in Lambeth. Many blessings!

Andrew Gerns

RMBruton said...

Carina and I will send a contribution next week, as we have made contributions already for David Virtue and Kevin. Being an NSM and working nights, I value the tremendous work done by those of you who host the various Anglican blogs and news sites. I'd like to ask all other CANA clergy to try to contribute something.
Rev'd Richard M. Bruton
Christ Church, Woolmarket
Biloxi, MS


We'll see you there!

Unknown said...

God bless you all. Just posted an Eva Cassidy song above for you all.


Anonymous said...

When you get enough $ for your trip you should find a good rendition of "You Send Me." ;)

Anonymous said...

bb, please accept this small donation from one on the other side with respect to what US law says but who finds your blog interesting.