Sunday, June 01, 2008

Back to Jr High?

Hmm ...

1. eschatological
2. anthropomorphism
3. sine qua non
4. eisegesis
5. semi-pelagianism
6. hermeneutics
7. transubstantiation
8. parousia
9. adiaphora
10. Apocalyptic
11. consubstantiation
12. Diaspora
13. hypostatic union
14. synoptic problem
15. Homiletic
16. ecclesiology
17. dialectical theology
18. Apocrypha

19. Septuagint
20. magisterial Reformation

Oh forget it. Guess it could be worse:


Ah, but for how long? Perhaps if we renamed this place The Eschatological Anthropomorphist Semi-Pelagianism Apocalyptic Cafe we might score higher. That might make college level. BabyBlue sounds like we're still in preschool, so perhaps High School (or Junior High) is not too bad after all. We discovered that our favorite RWB is still in elementary school, alas. Matthew must be right - it must be those Dylan songs. Simplicity is an art form. After all, it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry.


Matthew said...

I am right. You are a better writer. Given the subject matter, writing on a junior high/high school level is an accomplishment.

It means that you are conveying your meaning without using jargon or being needlessly complex.

Anyone writes at the college/genius level is being too fancy. I'm taking it as a challenge to become a better writer. My goal is to alter my score to high school, without sacrificing content.

Perpetua said...

Hi Baby Blue,

When I ran those results, I also checked for my own blog and got a "College Undergrad". But after doing three posts analyzing the results of the two polls for the California Marriage Amendment, my rating shot up to "Genius".

It could be because I was putting so many words and sentences in quotation marks or including so many numbers and percent signs. Or it could be that those sentences in quotation marks, the poll questions, required a "Genius" level to understand.

Hmmm, maybe that is why the two polls had such different results. The respondents didn't understand the poll questions!

Matthew said...

Also, Zana has an excellent post on the subject. Well worth reading.

BabyBlue said...

Thanks, Matthew (and Perpetua too!). Matthew - I may have said this before, but I just love your photo. ;-) It makes me laugh every time I see it.

Off to check out Zana's post - thanks!


Anonymous said...

Semi-Pelagian!? Reminds me of the duel in Bunuel's 'Voie Lacte' between the Jansenist and the Jesuit.

BabyBlue said...

Yeah, anon! Drinks on the house for you. I had some fun - some fun - picking out the Big Words and wondered if anyone would pick up stuff from them. I took Systematic Theology from Trinity School for Ministry and learned the Big Words. Turns out I'm Semi-Pelagianistic, which means - I think - that I'm Arminian. Whoo Hoo!

But your reference ups the ante. I'll have to go look that one up! ;-)

I do love the Cafe Anons.


Perpetua said...

"I took Systematic Theology from Trinity School for Ministry"

I just felt a wave of jealousy wash across my body. oowh.