Sunday, June 22, 2008

Don't miss this - Anglican Theologian NT Wright pops up on the Comedy Channel

"The great thing about Anglicans is that we have no theology of our own. If something is true, then Anglicans believe it." -N.T. Wright


Georgia said...

I find that quote offensive. With this (cannot find adequate descriptor) statement, Wright demeans centuries of Anglican scholarship, martyrs and saints.

To quote the Queen Mother, 'He is not a serious person' and furthermore, he, like RW is not adequate for the times. I am NOT impressed.

1662 BCP said...

It took me about three years, and don't ask how much money, to collect the entire Parker Society series, which is the greatest collection of the writings of the English Reformers. Many of them were subscribed to in the way my Mum had subscribed to the bound Readers Digest volumes. Most of these books which are over one hundred and fifty years old had never even been sliced open. The problem with many contemporary Anglican talking-heads is that they've not read the primary sources themselves and can easily belittle them. Mind you, Comedy Central is not where one expects to finds serious theological discourse to take place, generally.

BabyBlue said...

I thought Dr. Wright's comment Dylanesque. What makes it funny is that it's true. Anglican "theology" is the Prayer Book (which is why TEC rewrites it constantly) - we pray our theology.

But I do love that comment that if it's true Anglicans believe it. It assumes there is something called "truth" and if it's "true" then we believe it.

I can live with that. Probably can't get a graduate degree in it, but I find it more poetic than scholastic somehow refreshing for it's humor and it's simplicity.


Travis Prinzi said...

I'm a wanna-be Anglican, but currently a Presby, so take my perspective for what it's worth.

N.T. Wright is probably my favorite theologian. Suprised by Hope is a brilliant book, and if I were Pope of all Christians, it would be required reading.

I agree with babyblue - the comment was Dylanesque.

BabyBlue said...

I was driving in the car this afternoon and that quote came back to mind, "If something is true then Anglicans believe it." It just made me laugh. There's volumes and volumes in that one sentence. It still makes me laugh, indeed, a Dylaneque moment in the life of N.T. Wright. Brilliant.

You know who else tipped over to orthodox Christianity (though she became a Roman Catholic instead) after reading N.T. Wright? Anne Rice. He is the type of theologian we don't see often in the States. They are hard to find because the Episcopal seminaries have been so hostile to the orthodox Anglicans for so long. But one never knows - perhaps the tide is turning.


PS WHERE IS THAT HP FILM TRAILER!!! Okay, no more shouting.

Kevin said...

I'm so glad Wright is taking Christ to the "marketplace."

Travis Prinzi said...

Yes, Anne Rice converting partly because of Wright's influence is really interesting. I've been wanting to read her "Christ the Lord" books, but alas, the reading list is so long.