Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cover Art for the "Deluxe Edition" of the Final HP Book Release

Millions around the world (young and old) are pouring over the officially-released cover-art of the American and UK editions of the final book in the Harry Potter series, The Deathly Hallows (right-click on the image for a larger view). We've learned all ready that the word "Hallows" has been translated as "Relics" in languages other than English. But this latest release of the cover art for the American "deluxe edition" (never actually have bought one of those, though) is worth checking out. Dragons. The Return of Norbert?

NOTE: We've decided - as a change in pace - to blog live from the Fairfax Borders on the evening of June 20th until midnight when we get in line to get the book. If you happen to be in the Fairfax area, stop by and see us!


Anonymous said...

We preordered, but thought we'd like to stand in line anyway since we never have before. But we'll be at the Springfield store. Sorry we'll miss you.

Unknown said...

That's cool! It would be fun to network though with others who have laptops and a t-mobile account at other Borders around the country. Should be an interesting night.

Springfield has a great Borders too. :)


Unknown said...

Um... where's the fairfax borders?

Unknown said...

"Camp Washington" - at the corner of 50/29/236 in Fairfax City.

Unknown said...

OK, BabyBlue. I've reserved a copy and I'll see you there.

Now the big question: were you able to describe the morass that is the intersection of 50/29/236 as a "corner" with a straight face?

Yours aye!