Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I thought only Burger King sold Whoppers

815 now seems to be handling the Diocese of Virginia's media campaign, since they have released a "press release," while the Diocese of Virginia has not. There is no posting on the Diocesan website nor have we yet received any internal e-mail press release as is the norm from Mayo House. Interesting, no?

There are gross errors (let's call it "errors" for now, shall we?) in the 815/Diocese of Virginia-combined press release that states this: "As further evidence of their decision to abandon The Episcopal Church and the Diocese" the release said, the majority membership of the 15 churches have filed civil actions styled as "reports" with the respective circuit courts in an effort to transfer ownership of the congregations' properties. The diocese has filed responses denying any transfer of property, citing both Virginia law and the canons of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Virginia, the release said.

Never mind that the canon is about abandoning the Anglican Communion (which shares open border on orders, or did until the crisis broke out), this is such an incredibly false assertion that it just boggles the mind. Not only is 815/The Diocese of Virginia spinning this as though the Virginia parishes started the litigation (it just completely boggles the mind how false this is - are they trying to say they are victims or something? Okay, I've just ordered a Chai ... BabyBlue is seeing red), but that there are "15 churches" who have "filed civil actions" - WRONG AGAIN!!!! They are adding the four Uganda-oversight parishes. Hello? EL Wrong-o! Again-o. Whoppers anyone?

Oh, and by the way - it wasn't an unanimous decision of the Virginia Standing Committee concerning the inhibitions. Just so you know.

Okay, have to go and land some incoming aircraft. Get your tinfoil hats at the ready.


Kevin said...

It's up now. I do love the rally the troops 815 release verses the "cool calm this is no big deal" style of DioVA.

Hmmm, +Lee does not want to upset the moderates but Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg wnats to comfort those demanding blood?

Thankfully when spin is so common, we still have the "Word of Truth!" My men's Bible study is in James, boy it's rich food for these times.

Anonymous said...

For folks who were so wanting to be 'conciliatory' a few weeks back,it is pretty ironic that now it seems that the Scripture that fits best is Jeremiah 9:4-8(especially 9:6)oppression on oppression,deceit on deceit.
Should have gone with James 3:17,Bishop Pete.

Anonymous said...

Per the DioVA release:

“…No member of the Clerical order under ecclesiastical censure shall be entitled to a seat in the Council.”

So what? Did DioVA expect any of them to show up? We severed our ties with ECUSA and DioVA!

Anonymous said...

hey. . .i'm a little late posting, but do you have any idea what the vote was, or who voted which way on the standing committee? no reason, just curious. . .