Thursday, June 07, 2012

Live from Ridgecrest: The ACNA Provincial Assembly 2012

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ACNA Provincial Assembly Legislative Session
FRIDAY UPDATE: What a fascinating day - very full with the big teaching sessions as well as workshops.  One of the highlights frankly for me was lunch today where I sat at a table and we had intriguing conversations on the writing of the new Prayer Book, discussion of the Filioque Clause, and a lively discussion on women's ordination.  It was too much fun - no really, it was because the nature of the conversation was lively but respectful and filled with lots of laughter.  I downloaded a book on my Kindle Fire while the discussion was underway called, As Christ Submits to the Church: A Biblical Understanding of Leadership and Mutual Submission.

Tonight I am attending a gathering put together by Anglican TV which brings us the weekly Anglican Unscripted as well as the news site Anglican Ink.  Tomorrow is the final day with the Closing Eucharist and a sermon by Bishop John Guernsey.  Stay tuned!

AU's Kevin Kallsen and George Conger
LATE FRIDAY: Back in the room after three terrific gatherings.  First up, stopped by the Anglican Unscripted meet-up and enjoyed the conversation with Kevin and George about "all things Anglican."  Then headed over to the Trinity School for Ministry reception and a fun time of meeting new friends and swapping stories with old friends.  So much fun seeing Truro alumni like Neil and Marcia Lebhar and Richard Crocker as well as Steve Noll.  Neil and Marcia serve in the Diocese of the Gulf Atlantic where Neil is the bishop.  Richard Crocker is the rector of St. James Newport Beach, CA, and Steve Noll told me that he is not retired and is still making the trek back to Uganda.  No one looks like they are slowing down any time soon.

Also was able to catch up with Martyn Minns, former rector of Truro and Bishop of CANA.  He is now at the London Office for GAFCON and life has not slowed down for him either - no, not by a long shot.

One of the things that is very cool is there are many Episcopalians who are here with us as well - some are here at exhibitors and some are here seeking possibly to join and many are here as friends and supporters.  It is so good to see that bridges are still strong between so many Anglicans and Episcopalians and that has been encouraging to see - thanks be to God.

Then finished the evening with an impromptu gathering with members of the Diocese of the South.  There are just so many interesting people here with fascinating stories and another Truro alumni was there, Bill Midgett, rector of Christ the King Anglican Church in Winchester, TN.

Tomorrow there is still one more full day with more workshops and the closing Eucharist.  Thanks to Anglican TV we will continue to bring it live. The Closing Eucharist begins at 11:00 a.m. EDT.  God bless you all!

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