Monday, April 30, 2012

This week's episode of Anglican Unscripted

This week we find Kevin and George analyze today's Anglican News, including:
  • Breaking news from GAFCON in London
  • A new solution offered to AMiA Bishops and Clergy from ACNA
  • The Fort Worth Seven 
  • The Settlement with Truro Church in Virginia
  • Mailbag Commentary 
In addition, Anglican Curmudgeon Alan Haley comments on latest news in The Episcopal Church.


Unknown said...

Again, appreciate very much that those of you gathered at the tables here in the cafe post your thoughts and ideas, but I ask that you continue to do so understanding that in this cafe the person you are speaking to (or speaking about) is seated right across from you at your table. Many of them actually are right there at your table - think about it.

In this last comment this part was very helpful, "Mr. Conger's comments on Truro were refreshingly understanding." We may learn to put a period when we say something affirming. If we need to say something critical, again, imagine if that person was sitting across from you before you write it. It is fine to express opinions and concerns, but do remember we do not sit here alone.


Anonymous said...

We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties with spontaneously disappearing comments, not just on this post, but on others. The quoted material was from me, so I guess it has partially reappeared. There was nothing immoderate, unkind, counter-factual or anything I would not say to someone sitting near me in my previous comment. The deleted part contrasted the Rev. Mr. Conger's statesmanlike comments with some objectively very harsh words that were put up here in response to another post. It cast no aspersions on those who made those comments, but praised and contrasted George for raising the tone. Surely that is well within the bounds of appropriate discourse.

It's your site, BB, so you have discretion about what you permit and what you censor. But one of the reasons the site is valuable is that you do get a mix of views and that those of us who sometimes swim against the current are quite careful to stay on high ground in our discourse.


Unknown said...

That is true, Scout. Thank you for posting.


ettu said...

I am pleased that the dialogue has become more civil and less verbose. I base this on a comparison between the number and tone of responses to controversial articles these days versus a few years ago. There remains a hard core that does not seem to want to let go of their anger and I pray for them since it seems to consume their energy and prevents them from moving on to do good deeds of their own. Responding to perceived injury only gets a movement so far and is frequently the sign of inner turmoil.

Anonymous said...

You make BB uncomfortable - whether with painful facts or pointed commentary - you get yanked.

It's her ballpark. Her rules.