Sunday, April 01, 2012

Just in - BabyBlue has been living inside Disneyland since 2009

BabyBlueOnline has learned that it's erstwhile founder never did return from the 2009 Episcopal Church General Convention in Anaheim and has actually spent the last three years living inside Disneyland.

We now have live video taken from her "office" where she continues to update her blog from her uniquely designed houseboat from her undisclosed location.  Next time you are there be sure to say hello.

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Anonymous said...

In early 1968, I returned to the United States from Southeast Asia through Southern California, a place I had never been before. The contrast was unsettling. A well-meaning friend took me to Disneyland where, while on the "Small World" ride, the conveyance we were in (can't remember whether it was a little car or a little boat) packed it in and we had to wait about 20-30 minutes to be rescued. In the meantime, the "Small World" theme continued to play incessantly to the point where I was pretty close to busting right through the walls and returning to the jungles of my own volition. I had pretty much repressed the memory of this until I saw this picture (I haven't played it for fear of really deep trauma). Whenever I hear the "Small World " ditty now, I have this kind of Manchurian Candidate response and a desire to go watch a Bergman movie or something really, really sombre.