Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Anglican Unscripted: Not even a blizzard can stop them!

George and Kevin discuss breaking news in CANA and AMiA. The Church of Nigeria forms a new diocese in the United States through CANA, rather than in the ACNA and there are reports that AMiA parishes may be breaking from Rwanda. Also, Kevin has a lively discussion with Peter Ould over the recent resignations at St. Paul's in London, and other interesting news. Grab a cup of tea and a crumpet or two and take a listen!

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Robin G. Jordan said...

Check out my article, "No Surprise in News of Possible Split Between Anglican Mission and the Anglican Church of Rwanda":

I gather that the Missionary Diocese of the Trinity will be an ACNA ministry partner. Its bishop is already seated in the ACNA College of Bishops. Because he is already a member of the ACNA College of Bishops, the MDT is expected to be also recognized as a ACNA diocese without having to go through the usual steps of applying for recognition.

The Church of Nigeria also appointed two new bishops, one for CANA clergy and congregations in the eastern half of North America and one for CANA clergy and congregations in the western half of North America,

Also check out Gerald Bray's August 2011 cHurchmn editiorial, "Come over and help us":