Sunday, July 11, 2010

When He Returns ...

Excellent cover of Bob Dylan's When He Returns by John Lee Sanders from The Gospel Sessions.  Tip of the tinfoil to RWB, rocking as usual!

UPDATE: Ah, The Original  - here is Dylan performing When He Returns in 1980 in Toronto. The performance continues to endure all these years later. Let he who have hears let them hear. Don't believe he's changed his mind on this at all. As he continues to remind us, if you want to know what he believes in - he believes in the songs - and this is a major part of his lexicon.  An amazing performance.  He is simply amazing with his remarkable phrasing (which Sinatra held in high esteem) and unmistakable passion.


Anonymous said...


I have been unable to find a video of Bob Dylan singing this on youtube. Didn't you have a video of it one time on your site? If so could you please direct me to it in your archives?

Thank you,

Unknown said...

Found it - posted it in the original post or go here:


Anonymous said...

amazing, thank you

marjorie (mm)