Friday, July 23, 2010

New Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion begins meetings in London

The Anglican Communion Office has posted an interesting Q&A - but the main news is no news:
Q.     Several people recently resigned from the Committee. How will that affect this next meeting?
It is unfortunate that the Committee will not have the benefit of their experience and input. The Standing Committee will discuss membership issues at its meeting.
Q. Haven’t there been some questions raised about recent appointments to the Standing Committee.
There have and these have been noted and will be discussed at the next Standing Committee meeting.
This so-called "Q&A" doesn't even address WHY they resigned, just answered in a high-brow tone, "it is unfortunate ..."  At least we know that it's apparently on the agenda.  This is the area that we will be watching as well, including TEC's position on the committee following the in-your-face consecration  in California by the Presiding Bishop.

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Daniel Weir said...

I am reluctant to speculate about why other people do what they do. However, it may be true that some of those who resigned were simply unwilling to serve on a committee with members of the Episcopal Church.