Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Night at the Cafe: It's Over

Mark Harris wonders why it's so quiet right now, writing, "It has been a month since the end of General Convention. The Archbishop of Canterbury has written from afar about the actions we took and the actions he believes the Anglican Communion might take. Otherwise there has been the usual bangs and thumps from various bloggers and then in the past two weeks an odd falling off of comments and even much news."

Why is it so quiet? Perhaps it's quiet because it's over.


Anonymous said...

I think the word to describe the quiet is "Ichabod". Lots of people trying to make noise, but when the Spirit has departed...

donbullockjr said...

As for me, it's been quiet because I am trying to figure out where I am going to to go Church. I feel hypocritical if I go to a TEC church because the beliefs and practices voted on at the general convention. There is no other local Anglican option in my relatively small town.

Despite the Archbishop's reference to "two styles of being Anglican," I respectfully disagree. There is only one style of "being Anglican," and that is the practice that is compatible with "God's word written" as interpreted and practiced within our Anglican tradition. That being the practices and beliefs of the communion that have withstood the test of time; the beliefs that the saints have endeavored to protect.

Making decisions by a simple majority vote in a local general convention on issues worthy of an ecumenical council level of review (if open to consideration at all) is incompatible with Anglican tradition. Where was the theological analysis in support of each proposed revision? Should our scriptures be rewritten as society changes? Where was the discussion as to why the proposed changes are not contrary to "God's Word written" required by Article XX of the Articles of Religion?

It is not easy being Christian because, when faced with moral choices, there are alternatives that are compatible with scripture and tradition, and those that are not. Where is the greatest temptation and thereby our greatest challenge but in maintaining the deep commitment between a man and a woman in a monogamous relationship, maintaining that commitment against all others? Who has not been tempted by an attractive sin? Especially when we think no one is looking or that we think it no big thing? I am a sinner; I know the things I have done are wrong, and I have begged for forgiveness by the grace of God. And, I hope that I am defined by God's grace and not my sinful life.

It is a challenge in this politically correct society to not back down, rationalize, or explain away our beliefs. Do we believe and act consistent with John 14:6. Are we politically correct or are we Anglican Christians? We must keep and defend our faith.

I think we are quiet right now because we are lost in prayer and meditation, making an effort to find where our new path lies.

Sibyl said...

Read I Corinthians 5

Then read the New Litany for the Episcopal used-to-be Church at Lent and Beyond.

It really is over.

Sadly, per the article below. Fie on the Canterbury-centered Anglican Communion.

What good is any status among a group whose leader is Rowan Williams, a group who have recently conducted themselves as they did in the Jamaica meeting of the ACC/JSC which committed fouls to cover TEc's A-- and slip the Continuing Indaba (pro-abortion/pro-homosex propaganda) Project to smear the agenda's false fudge* sexual messages all over the world?

I say, who jolly wants to be associated with such people?

*(Biblically speaking, Anglican Fudge is really just dung in fancy dress, with fancy ceremonies, lovely music and environs, but dung it is nevertheless - stinking putrid excrement and the opposite of Biblical truth, love, life, holiness and purity of thought, word and deed - the opposite of the fragrance of Jesus Christ in the Living Water and Blood washed soul.)

Anam Cara said...

Sibyl, I would have never mentioned it, but since you said "fancy vestments" and since one of the links on the wall is to Stand Firm (so maybe you've seen it already), perhaps you'd get a kick out of this blog.....

be sure to scroll down to old posts, too

Dr. Mabuse said...

I'm reminded of some verses by W.S. Gilbert, concerning a man who ignored the advice of his friends and persisted in his self-destructive ways:

His friends, disgusted with him now,
Away in silence wended.
I hardly like to tell you how
This dreadful story ended."

That's the feeling I've had ever since TEC's dynamite party this summer. Almost no response from the Global South - no "statements" from any of the important bishops. What is there to say? TEC has killed itself onstage and now the curtain has fallen.