Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Night at the Cafe: Praise my Soul, the King of Heaven

What may be one of the major historical moments in recent memory in the Anglican Communion. Each person - every person - processing in has a story, every single one.


donbullockjr said...

I love this procession. The drums, the music, the commitment. Thank you.

Andy said...

Ya know what BB? That procession rates just below the triumphal return of the Master with his saints in tow. Need to stop typing and smooth down the goosebumps.

Jill C. said...

Blessed to have been there to witness this. It's still awesome to watch and listen to! (Thanks, Mary! :)

Allen said...

Wait a minute!
Isn't there just supposed to be a "few who don't want to be with us"?

"All is well" has sprouted a crack.

Anonymous said...

Dear Baby Blue:

Thank you for posting this. It is two months since I walked in that procession, but watching it now give me goose bumps all over again!! What a glorious evening it was! What a glorious four days it was!
How blessed we are to have (and be part of) ACNA!

Deacon Francie

Ann McCarthy said...

Thanks for posting this. I see the back of my head, briefly in it - proof I was there (if you recognize the back of my head!). I loved the arrangement of this piece,loved seeing all the deacons, priests and bishops processing. Wow!