Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bishop Lawrence calls for a Special Convention for the Diocese of South Carolina

A must-read here. One part particular section stands out to us here at the Cafe:
The Archbishop has expressed in section 25 of “Communion, Covenant and our Anglican Future” his strong hope that “elements” [dioceses?] will adopt the Covenant. I believe we ought to sign on to the Ridley Draft of the Covenant as it presently stands in all four sections. (If it means we need to withdraw from a lawsuit we withdraw from a lawsuit). Therefore we need to begin the process of studying the Ridley Draft in every deanery and parish and be prepared to vote on it either in the special convention in October or, if that’s too ambitious a time frame, no later than our Annual Diocesan Convention in March 2010.

You need to know that the Anglican Communion Development Committee has already had its first meeting and will begin this fall to vigorously establish relationships with a broad array of Provinces across the Communion. You have heard me speak of this often, including during my Bishop’s Address last March. This still strikes me as one of the most important activities we should pursue. We can work with several of the Provinces within the Communion, and, if they are so inclined to partner with us, we should work with GAFCON and ACNA from within TEC to further gospel initiatives.
Do note the willingness, for the sake of Christian unity, to stand down from the lawsuits that have been underway for quite a while between the Diocese of South Carolina and AMiA parishes. It is an example of Lincoln's own prayer for the revival of the south, "with malice towards none, with charity toward all," especially when it comes to those in ACNA and those outside the gates. May it be so, though it seems to have taken an Anglican Covenant to make it so, so be it. The open door of entering into indeed what the Archbishop of Canterbury prayed, that we would find common mission when we do have common mission indeed between the ACNA and the Diocese of South Carolina - is there courage to say this is so? It was right there in front of all to see at General Convention, if one had eyes to see it.

Read it all here - and indeed, all our prayers do go out to the people of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina. What does concern us, though, at this late hour is that the talk appears to be ten, fifteen years too late. And ten, fifteen years ago this type of talk was given, statements made, statements signed. The work is all ready done. The sentiments are exemplary, no doubt, and welcomed. But the reality on the ground is something else. This talk was focused on the clergy of the Diocese of South Carolina - but it is the laity who hold the purse.

Photo from the consecration of Bishop Mark Lawrence, January 2008.


From the SC pew said...

Baby Blue - exactly: 10-15 years too late. He was eloquent, he was passionate, he was also very clever. He called for no clear action - "begin to withdraw" - but not from TEC, only from "those bodies" within TEC who have acceeded to certain actions. Funny, I thought TEC itself had acceeded.
I cannot imagine that the right-wing of this diocese was pleased. My Rector said Wood+, Zadig+ and several others had their heads in their hands looking like they needed Tylenol. He also said that several gave verbal indication through the kinds of questions asked that this call to wait didn't play well.
We shall see. I don't know, personally, any of the players involved. I feel, though, like I'm on a slow train to a spiritual Auschwitz.

-One sad southerner.

Anonymous said...

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For the record, the SF gang are tireless in their diligence to get their stories right and to say sorry when it goes awry (I've seen that with my own eyes), but they are human too.


Lapinbizarre said...

Bishop Lawrence trying to slither into Secession, knowing that under SC law he'll lose pretty-well everything should he have the guts to try it openly.

Fr Hagger over at "Of Course I Must Be Wrong" had a moment of clarity today and posted this take on the SC diocesan seal, a reference, I assume, to Lawrence's March 8, 2007 promise, made after his initial election had been rejected, that "I will make the vows of conformity as written in the Book of Common Prayer and the Constitution & Canons, (III.11.8). I will heartily make the vows conforming ' the doctrine, discipline, and worship' of the Episcopal Church, as well as the trustworthiness of the Holy Scriptures. So to put it as clearly as I can, my intention is to remain in The Episcopal Church."

John said...

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