Monday, October 08, 2007

Episcopal Bishop Statements following New Orleans HOB Meeting

BB NOTE: The following is a list of statements all ready available by Episcopal Diocesan Bishops following the House of Bishops meeting in New Orleans. A Big Time Tip of the Tin Foil to ElfGirl. This is just an excerpt of her amazing work.

Alabama Statement
Albany Statement
Arizona Statement
Arkansas Statement
Atlanta Statement
Central Florida Statement
Chicago Statement
Dallas Statement
Delaware Statement
Eastern Michigan Statement
Florida Statement
Hawaii Statement
Maryland Statement
Maine Statement
Minnesota Statement
Mississippi Statement
New Hampshire Statement
Newark Statement
North Carolina Statement
Northern California Statement
Northern Indiana Statement
Northern Michigan Statement
Ohio Statement
Olympia Statement
Pennsylvania Statement
Rhode Island Statement
Rochester Statement
San Joaquin Statement
South Carolina Statement
SE Florida Statement
Southeast Florida Statement Two
Southern Ohio Statement
Southwest Florida Statement
Tennessee Statement
Texas Statement
Upper South Carolina Statement
Utah Statement
Vermont Statement
Virginia Statement
Washington Statement
West Texas Statement
Western Louisiana Statement
North Dakota


Kevin said...
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Anonymous said...

BabyBlue, you have a gift for choosing graphics.

Unknown said...

The beginning words written in every Navy ship's deck log at the beginning of every bridge watch once at sea are appropriate to describe the sum of these statements, "Underway as before."

Anonymous said...

Missouri's is here:

Unknown said...

Thanks Christpher - I've posted it!