Saturday, October 13, 2007

Back in the Day

We went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival today and had a great time walking around, looking at crafts, munching on who knows what, discovering that there are a lot of pirates loose in Maryland (who knew?) and that corsets are "in." Afterwards, we drove over to Annapolis for dinner and more shopping.

The day was a perfect October autumn day and the crowds were enormous at the festival - some dressed casually, but many dressed in costume.

A few decades ago we would have spent the day doing similar things (okay, maybe not the Renaissance part) only it would have been here and here and here and here, oh and here. In fact, we would spend hours every Saturday riding "The Bus" downtown and hanging out.

We didn't have The Bus today, but we did hang out.

At one point we tried to rememeber how we felt "back in the day" when we imagined looking forward to where we are now. But of course, we couldn't even imagine it then.

Ah, but we were so much older then,
we're younger than that now.


Anonymous said...

The music ends too soon! Is that because our youth ends too soon?

I could listen to that track all morning.

Kevin said...

Ah, "Rannfest" I used to be a lot older then, and much more regular at "Faire" but I've been lazy the last decade or so. Yes there are many pirates in Maryland, they even have their own restaurant in Silver Spring.