Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rosenthall responds to Nigeria/Uganda Vow? Will All TEC Bishops to be invited to Lambeth?

Interesting bit coming from Jim Rosenthall and other unnamed "insiders" at the Anglican Communion office. Read it at The Living Church. What do you think?

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Kevin said...

I'm very impressed, I may not agree with the direction, but growing up in DC, I'm able to appreciate smooth moves of politics.

So, one instrument of unity (and the only legal one) is used to test the waters for another instrument for the third while neatly dividing the forth. Sending a rebuttal message to a 'few' of the primates, but the ABC is not committed to what has been said. Yet there is not complete unity in the GS, so not directly addressing the hot button issue, ease the wedge in and let +Chane mouth off to keep that side happy.

Restating the +VGR and +Minns to AMiA +++Carey precedent to appeal to "the moderates." Still the ABC is silent, so he is not committed. Very shrew action in a worldly way, I'm sure a GOP & DNC (or pick a few others) policy team members could both be impressed.


I saw +Thad last night, he didn't seem effect by this at all. He was more concern that we live like men of God and not the world (Give, serve, lift others up vs. take, self-ascension, demanded-accolades). It's odd but this does give a situation to put his words (based on Scripture) to the test, by living it out as if it is truth.

(The test is name one person in Scripture that gained a position of prominence by working for it [we came up with Saul as self-described in Phil 3:1-6 but v.7 (or Act 9 & Gal 1:11-2:6) kind of changes that)]).