Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ACNA 5th Provincial Council underway at Nashotah House

Archbishop Duncan address the Provincial Council.
I am here in Wisconsin - first time in Wisconsin - for the 5th Provincial Council of the Anglican Church in North America.  The meeting at Adams Hall is standing room only and it's been uplifting to see so many from so far come together to share mission and ministry.  Great to see the visitors that are here as well.  Stay tuned for updates!

It is my first time in Wisconsin - growing up in the Navy did not present an opportunity to live in the Mid-West.  In fact, the only time I went to the Mid-West was when I was 12 when we moved from Charleston, South Carolina to San Diego, California and camped our way across country.  

My dad's great-grandparents used to own a summer home in the northern part of Michigan which I have pictures of through the years when my dad visited as a child, but I have been in this part of the country.  

Adams Hall at Nashotah House where Council is meeting.
Flew into Milwaukee yesterday.  The meetings are taking place at Nashotah House, an Anglican/Episcopal seminary.  It is in a lovely setting with lots of woods and lakes and fields surrounding it.  A contemplative place, it is a great environment to have a council such as this.

UPDATENew dioceses have been admitted into the ACNA and voting is underway for new members of the Executive Committee.  You can see photos here and here.

DAY TWO: It is such a beautiful day here in Wisconsin - the sky is clear blue, it is in the mid-70s, the windows are open and it is just beautiful! The morning has been spent going over the budget, hearing ministry reports, welcoming special guests, and singing Amazing Grace.

UPDATE: Archbishop Bob Duncan addresses the council:

So good to see old friends and meet lots of new people from all over the United States and Canada!

The streams of Anglicanism in the Anglican Church of North America.


TJ McMahon said...

I am reasonably sure you meant "admitted" rather than "omitted."

TJ McMahon said...

Pushed send too soon. Did also intend to say "thank you" for going to Wisconsin to cover this for all of us. Wish I could be there in person, but it is the end of the fiscal year and my absence from work would be, errr... inconvenient for my employer.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for catching that typo TJ!! I have fixed it. God bless!!