Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Point of it All

Kendall Harmon at T-19 and Sarah Hey at SF have posted this video and I just wept through it while watching it here at my table in Saxby's at Dupont Circle. Indeed, the Lord doesn't leave us where He finds us, but lifts us up and transforms our lives - therefore is anyone is in Christ they are a new creation, the old has passed away, behold, all things become new (II Cor. 5:17).

If we were to write a cardboard testimony, what would it say? What do we want it to say? Do you believe God can do it? Through you? In you? Yes, He can. Yes, He will. All we need to do is ask - that's all. We simply ask Him to come into our life and make us new. "Come into my life, Lord Jesus, and make me new." No matter how long, or how short we've been following Jesus - or even if we haven't followed Jesus at all - that prayer changes everything.


Kevin said...

I'd concur, especially this week when remind of these things.

I'd issue a challenge to whomever is reading this, what would your cards say?

I truly mean it. I'm reminded recently as all of a sudden 1990-1993 is suddenly well documented and I'm running into many folks of that era (actually '86-'88 would be the strangest for me). One thing I've noticed in the American Church, including those flagship ones (actually especially in the Flag ship ones) is a lack of an understanding of what the bad news is and what they are saved from. As if so blessed by the Lord to be a little ghetto, awaiting the rapture without remembering the benefits or worse, prideful in thinking they've made such a great choice over the world.

These plaques are good. However, I'm curious how many of the "goody goodies" I've met through the years -- who've gone to Christian schools, Christian college, some even to seminary, actually have something they could write in which they are truly exposed and God is the hero?

It is a good video, thanks BB. The only problem is that there seemed to be an audience, one who could remain in their chairs and clap if something moved them. I think we all need to ponder what would be on our signs. Some are lucky and the problem is they don't know which one of the many, but so often I fear some (especially the ones who seem in good with the pastors) would struggle with that assignment.

End Rant.

Mine: I'm having problems narrowing it down, from sex or control freak or at times suicidal, you name it - maybe not the biggest of testimony of conversion like some, but I've probably dabbled in an area. So I guess I'd do a summary, "Controlled life to try to be happy," but in Christ, "Let go of my life to find true joy."

CyberPub said...

Looked to people to tell me who I am...

Now I listen to what God says I am...Beloved..I am His and He is mine