Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How about a fresh cup of reality?

Well, we had written a review of the video above, but decided that the video below accomplishes more in three and half minutes than we could with ten paragraphs. Something is missing from the video. It's often called the "Elephant in the Room," or the "Emperor's New Clothes," but frankly we thought it was time for the parrot again:

The question we ask, as much as we love listening to the Archbishop of Canterbury speak - and we do, very much - the question we ask is how can any bishop trust another bishop when the chief pastor bishop cannot even admit that there is "division of the first magnitude" going on outside his palace gates?

Just how long has he been sitting in that chair?

Sadly, this video illustrates in great symbolic detail an archbishop who is so out-of-touch, ensconced in his comfy chair inside the confines of his ancient palace walls when it might have behooved him just to record his comfy chair chat from his local Starbucks.

Just imagine.

What we see here instead, is an Archbishop of Canterbury who has created an environment free from bishops suing laity, bishops suing clergy, bishops defrocking clergy, bishops deposing bishops, bishops suing bishops, bishops wigging out so much that judgment flies out the window and they start threatening to defrock the general editor of the English Standard Version of the Bible, for heaven's sake. Hello? Apparently, none of that is visible from inside this ivory tower.

Pull up a comfy chair. A full course of denial is on the menu.

Trust is built on truth. If the Archbishop of Canterbury can not even bring himself in this video to tell the truth, how can he expect the type of transparent trust that he envisions at his conference? There is no safety when one is looking down the barrel of lawsuits and defrockings.

How about a fresh cup of reality? Or, as they might say down at the local Starbucks, "get real."


Anonymous said...

Tell it, Sister!!! Amen.

Robbie said...

About five minutes in I think the ABC sums it all up. He wants everyone to 'think deeply'. I think he will believe the conference to be a success if everyone acknowledges that they have 'thought deeply'. No resolution, no way forward, just 'deep thoughts'.
The guy with his head in the sand is not there yet. He needs to stick his head in deeper!

Perpetua said...

The Davis Bowie was perfect, just how the ABC presents himself:
Here am I sitting in a tin can,
far above the world,
planet earth is blue,
and there's nothing I can do.."

What a "space cadet".

Anonymous said...

But what the ABC really needs to do is
Turn and face the strain.