Monday, November 05, 2007

I am still and wait here in the silence ...

Dedicated to those who may need a lift down the road.

With grateful thanks to Art+ for the photo, taken the first of October in Northern Minnesota.


Peter said...

Pretty. Do you know where he was? As a rural Minnesotan in exile, its always nice to see pictures of home.

Unknown said...

Art just said northern Minn. It sure is lovely!


Anonymous said...

The pic was taken in an area called the ditchbanks about 35 miles west of Duluth, MN. It is now a state forest but originally ditched out and drained to provide land for homesteaders but it never panned out for the few who tried to homestead the area. Occasionally you can find some old foundations of those who tried to farm the area and failed.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Art+ for the info! You are in Dylan Country! ;-)

Here's a song: