Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dylan Update: Bob Dylan Signs Six-Book Deal

Rolling Stone is reporting that "Bob Dylan has signed a six-book deal with Simon & Schuster, according to Crain's New York Business, encompassing two sequels to his acclaimed 2004 book Chronicles: Volume One as well as another book based on dialogue from his Sirius/XM radio show Theme Time Radio Hour."

Dylan told Rolling Stone in a 2006 interview that "he was stunned by the overwhelmingly positive response to the first volume of Chronicles.  "The reviews of this book, some of 'em almost made me cry - in a good way," Dylan said. "I'd never felt that from a music critic, ever ..."

In 2006 Dylan told Rolling Stone about his possible plans for Chronicles: Volume 2:
"I think I can go back to the Blonde on Blonde album — that's probably about as far back as I can go on the next book," he said. "Then I'll probably go forward. I thought of an interesting time. I made this record, Under the Red Sky, with Don Was, but at the same time I was also doing the [second] Wilburys record. I don't know how it happened that I got into both albums at the same time. I worked with George [Harrison] and Jeff [Lynne] during the day — everything had to be done in one day, the track and the song had to be written in one day, and then I'd go down and see Don Was, and I felt like I was walking into a wall. He'd have a different band for me to play with every day, a lot of all-stars, for no particular purpose. Back then I wasn't bringing anything at all into the studio, I was completely disillusioned."
No official word from Bob Dylan yet so stay tuned!

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