Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday Morning Worship from Belfast: Who is to blame?

Listen here - with evangelical Anglican Bishop Harold Miller (+Down and Dromore, Church of Ireland) who speaks of growing up in the Northern Ireland troubles at St Martin's Church, Belfast, with the Grosvenor Chorale - BBC Radio 4. It's a timely must-listen sermon that can be applied to our global Anglican Troubles.

Tip of the tinfoil to Peter.


1662 BCP said...

Thanks for posting this. It was refreshing to hear a Morning Prayer service. I grant you won't hear much like that now in North America.

David Wilson+ said...

What an excellent message. It would have been wonderful for Bp Hasrold to have been picked as Archbishop of Armagh and all-Ireland in 2007. He is such a strong witness of the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ