Sunday, September 24, 2006

Post-Camp Allen: Five Possibilities

“We are grateful for the helpful briefing from the Archbishop of Canterbury, brought to us through the Bishops of Durham and Winchester. We have corresponded in turn with the Archbishop and communicated our hopes with respect to continuing in full constituent Communion membership. It is our intention to offer a faithful and dynamic witness within the Episcopal Church.”

Okay, we can read this several ways.

#1 - A disassociation from the actions of General Convention by the Windsor Bishops. It is implied that they are offering “a faithful and dynamic witness within the Episcopal Church” where Griswold, Schori and the “TEC Gang” are not.

#2 - The sentence is not yet completed. In other words, one could read it they plan to “offer” their witness within the Episcopal Church as long as they remain in communion with Canterbury. That is not a done deal.

#3 - Identifies that there is indeed a split inside the Episcopal Church between the Windsor Compliant Bishops and the Non-Windsor Compliant Bishops. Who then represents the Anglican presence in the United States? Stay tuned.

#4 - These bishops recognize that a major departing of LAITY is about to happen and they are scrambling to try to keep their own people from zooming off into the sunset.

#5 - Same old, same old - “when is the next meeting and will they be serving tea?”


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