Saturday, September 23, 2006

BabyBlueOnline VideoCast: Episode One - Inconceiveable!

(BB NOTE: VIdeo should be up shortly unless I need to get out the tinfoil hat). Okay, I was inspired by Kevin (of CTSix fame) and his venture into videocasting. I will never be able to rise to his greatness, but BabyBlueOnline thought it'd be fun to give it a try! Pirates unite! -bb

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Bill said...

bb That was great BUT I was distracted trying to remember the name of the musical piece. Pleeease let those of us who are 'musical-name' challenged know ... at least to keep us focussed! (At least I recognize BD!)

Seriously, that was a great videocast. Tape the quotes, script high to keep your eyes focussed on the camera.

These are interesting days although very painful to many. Anglican angst is high but for some it is extreme and they need our special prayers .... as do our bishops.

What do you think? Maybe a deep blue velvet robe as a prop for your next show?

Peace and blessings ... sorry I got carried away.