Friday, June 12, 2015

A Song for ENFP's

So it turns out the ENFP's (Myers Briggs Type) should live in San Francisco. My inner-flower child is delighted (and the geek in me too - so close to here) - though the politics, well - can it be worse than DC?

Here's what the FB post said:

Known for its hippy-dippy attitude and intellectual focus alike, San Francisco is a perfect fit for the idealistic, liberally minded ENFP. This type enjoys exploring numerous avenues of self-expression and personal growth, which San Francisco provides ample opportunity for. This buzzing, vibrant city mirrors the attitude of the effervescent ENFP in almost every way possible.

1 comment:

Pat Kashtock said...

Too funny! I can see that. And where a poor INTP would be left in the dust ;)