Saturday, October 26, 2013

Today at the Cafe: Silent flaming arcs of hope

GAFCON 2013 is now over and the participants are preparing to return home.  I am listening to Josh Garrels, who wrote Jacaranda Tree.  I had posted online an amazing photo of a Jacaranda Tree taken by Andrew Gross in Nairobi this week during the GAFCON gathering.  The photo had remained in my mind throughout the week and it just seemed to reflect the best of this historic gathering Kenya - the best of it.  We are all branches of a beautiful tree, seeking to bloom - and sometimes in the most unexpected places.

After I posted the photo, Dwight Huthwaite at St. Andrews, Mt. Pleasant (SC) responded by posting the song Jacaranda Tree.  Here is an excerpt of a lyrics by Josh Garrels:

I pray light will 
Leak from out pockets 
We’ll be drenched, overcome 
At night the fireflies 
Streamers at our sides 
Silent flaming arcs of hope 

That just seems to say it all to me today.  I do pray that the light of Christ will "leak from our pockets" and we may be "drenched, overcome" by His Holy Spirit, with "streamers at our sides, silent flaming arcs of hope."

Here is the full album by Josh Garrels - a soundtrack to follow us as the credits of this extraordinary week roll.

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John Sandeman said...

Here in Sydney the streets are full of Jacaranda flowers. The Aussie contingent would have been reminded of home...