Saturday, November 20, 2010

Anglicans gather for Church Planting Summit

Anglicans from all over the Washington metropolitan area are gathering in Herndon, Virginia for the Summit on Church Growth and Church Planting.  Leaders in Church Planting are here following the call of Archbishop Bob Duncan of the Anglican Church in North America to plant 1000 churches during his ministry.  You can read more about the initiative at Anglican1000.

So much of church planting seems to be journey of "unlearning."  Came across this video that perhaps spells it out better than bunches of words.  Enjoy!


Cheryl said...

Hey Mary!

Would LOVE for you to post pics! I am one of Tom's intercessors and would LOVE to actually SEE what I've been praying for! = )

much love, my friend!

Sibyl said...

Please notify the participants to watch this 'How To Plant a Church' video posted at Treading Grain.