Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good News: Dan Martins elected bishop

Dan Martins elected Episcopal bishop of the Diocese of Springfield.


Wilf said...

Hoorah Springfield !

I must say though, their list was astoundingly good, many amazingly good candidates.

Observer said...

great - but what impact are faithful people able to make in tec? or do they get pressurised in many ways e.g. not to honour agreements which would have avoided litigation re property?

does tec like having a few faithful people to help it keep relations with the AC...even while it marches to revisionist extinction?

sorry to be negative....but I think there is a time to leave.... I think Luther should have left before he was thrown out!

Wilf said...


I think the Diocese of South Carolina and other faithful within TEC see their task not so much has keeping relations with the AC, but rather doing whatever they can to minimize the effects of TEC's apostasy upon the AC.

The answer re. "pressurised in many ways" is YES - look at this article about Dan Martins by one of TEC's most prominent clerics, and this response. The pressure is there even when it ends up needlessly, and deceitfully, harming LGBT people.