Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Night at the Cafe: Jesus wept


DrBen said...

I've loved a lot of what Casting Crowns do since hearing about them 2 years ago from my brother. While I've known the song for a while, the video moved me to tears. As a small parish we tend to sometimes "over welcome" but I've attended other churches where people get ignored. In my old faith tradition (before Episcopal 17 years ago)I was like that girl in the video -- being ignored. Everyone involved in Outreach should look at this video. thanks again for posting.

Andy said...

Thanks Double B, A visceral reminder for us all. Kinda takes my mind back to the 80's and Petra's Song, Too Late for Annie. We're not battling for "the silverware" or cold stone buildings, we're emmeshed in a zero-sum battle where eternity is at stake for a sea of nameless faces.