Sunday, March 30, 2008

BabyBluePodcast: A Turtle Named Mack

Here's the latest BabyBluePodcast, featuring a dramatic recitation of a children's classic.

You can click on the player above or go to iTunes and download it to your iPod or computer by clicking on the link here at the Cafe located in the right links column. The iTunes Podcast is called BabyBlueOnline. You can also click here.

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Kevin said...

Yeah, I've met my fair share of "Yertle the Turtle" inside the Church, sadly more than anywhere else. So odd for Lord Jesus in Luke 22:24-30 forbids this, yet I can think of several situations not involving clergy where unRighteous behavior has been encouraged, then the top leadership seems to set the tone.

It is a shame. Hopefully the LORD will bring a corrective measure on this side of eternity, for those people destroy ministries & are such a poor witness, also as pointed out yesterday bullies actually have no understanding of the Resurrection.

Kevin said...

Tragically, the website's sermons are back at 2/24/2008 .. so I can't share the 'blood & guts' sermon ;-p

I do think it's pervasively throughout the American Church from vestry and Sunday school teacher up to our bishops.

Sibyl said...

Thanks, BB, the perfectly it fits the rabid (or drunk on power) ruler of TEC.