Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Unbelievable: Title IV Complaint Filed Against Dr. Philip Turner

It's official - The Episcopal Church currently based in Manhattan appears to be completely losing its mind.  There is simply no other way to put it - first we have this, then we have this, then we have this, and now - well,

We have this.

Philip Turner?  Really?  There's simply no words.  Who will break out of the Think-Pack and call the question at General Convention?  Who?

Where are the true liberals  - the true liberals, you know who you are, who will speak to this?

Interesting reading from Bishop John W. Howe here.  Kendall Harmon  has very helpful links here.

And by the way, contrary to the rights we Americans enjoy, these folks have no idea who is behind these charges, though there is interesting speculation here.  Here is your annual asking at work.  Might just want to check that line item.

Did the annual viewing of 1776 again.  There was a reason we broke off from the "hierarchy" of the Church of England in the first place - something the founders of the Episcopal Church, including the leaders of the Diocese of Virginia still had fresh in their minds when they thought up General Convention and the Office of Presiding Bishop.  There was a reason that the Episcopal Church was not set up to be hierarchical beyond the diocese - in fact, Virginia and the other twelve colonies fought a war over it, something all Anglicans in the United States should remember.

It is for freedom Christ came to set us free.

UPDATE: Anglican Curmudgeon reviews the Anglican Communion Institute's official response to the Title IV charges against the Episcopal bishops and Dr. Turner here.


Small Farmer in The City said...

We "broke off" from the Church of England because we had no bishops and the C of E of the time couldn't ordain one for the recently emancipated colonies....can't very well take an oath to the King if he isn't your King, true?

And you might consider that while you're having a tizzy over complaints being brought against various folk, a) no one knows WHO filed the complaints, b) no one knows the specific nature of the complaints, and c) we are waiting on the Intake Officer to complete his preliminary work.

So before wrapping yourself in the flag and calling out the militia on behalf of these gentlemen who can take care of themselves, perhaps recourse to prayer and forbearance in speculating might be in order?

Lapinbizarre said...
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Lapinbizarre said...

Amen, Small Farmer.

Anonymous said...

I think she refers to the longstanding distaste for hierarchy in the Virginia episcopal diocese. Gone now, of course, but a historical fact, documented in the Virginia litigation on which it apparently had little influence. And not to mention the reasons why TEC has a presiding bishop, not an archbishop, as documented in White & Dykman. Moot now, of course.

Oddly enough, though, I don't think that "no one knows who filed the complaints, b) no one knows the specific nature of the complaints, and c) we are waiting on the Intake Officer to complete his preliminary work" is quite as comforting as you seem to think it is.

It seems readily apparent that some in TEC wish to bring bishops and clergy up on charges for espousing traditional episcopal views and yet remaining in TEC. True, the charges may ultimately be dismissed. But if it is imagined that this presents a welcoming sign, let alone a Christian witness, and some in TEC obviously think it does, I think that is very mistaken.

Providentially, there are other Anglican churches that provide an alternative. I suspect many in TEC wish these individuals would go to them.


Small Farmer in The City said...

I appreciate your comments, Arthur. I note that it is entirely possible that a member of laity from the DioFW may have chosen to file a complaint, inasmuch as they might believe that the bishops were giving aid and support to Jack Iker specifically as opposed to simply stating their understanding of church polity....but inasmuch, again, as the matter has been leaked before ANY substantive investigation has been undertaken strikes me as strange. Again, perhaps prayers and forbearance is a better way?

wyclif said...

I am curious why anyone would write "unbelievable" to describe the actions of The Church of What's Happening Now. Surely there is no frontier of deviancy off-limits to current Episcopal Church.

BabyBlue Anglican said...

Because there are some amazing people who are beloved by God and working hard for the Gospel of Jesus in The Episcopal Church.

God has not given up on The Episcopal Church and while some of us are sadly separated from her right now, we should not give up or stop praying for reconciliation and renewal.

God has demonstrated over and over again that He cares for the brokenhearted and has been known to walk along side even those who have lost their way, like any one of us. We should always be careful of those giant logs that get stuck in our own eyes.

Dr. Turner and those bishops who have been targeted by Title IV are men who continue to follow Jesus and there are countless more who love and serve Jesus inside the Episcopal Church - some who even at this hour may surprise us.

Jesus said where two or three are gathered, there He is - Is that not enough reason?