Thursday, July 05, 2012

General Convention opens with a deep breath

Candied "Road Kill" compliments of the Diocese of CF.
Deputy Jim Lewis (SC) reports: Both Houses gathered for the opening addresses by the Presiding Bishop and by the President of the House of Deputies. You can view both on-line so I'll simply make this observation. The red thread connecting both of these, and many of the budget presentations, is that the church is in a crisis. The acknowledgement that there is a problem is a first and a faint positive sign. Whether this dawning reality will have a positive effect on the outcome of Conventions business is yet to be seen, but reality does seem to be breaking in.

Concluded my day with a reception for the Communion partner dioceses. A soberingly small group, amidst the 800+ gathered in the Deputies hall. It brings to mind the most humorous moment of the day. The Central Florida deputation brought us gifts. They have baskets of candy, apparently, at their deputations table. The contents: "candied road kill". We recognize we are little more than spectators here, at least in terms of impact.

The Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church
Deputy John Burwell (SC) reportsI hope some of the blogs commented on her speech. It was one of those talks where you don’t know exactly what meant by what she said. She used a lot of veiled language. Her repeat line was “Breathe deep.” She was talking about breathing in the Holy Spirit (whom she never called anything but “the spirit” and taking a deep breath and getting over all the things you don’t like about the Church. She kept saying, “Breathe deep. Breathe Deep.”
My mind wondered off to the Moody Blues, on the album, “Days of Future Past.” The Postlude to “The Story in Your Eyes” has the words, “Breathe deep the gathering gloom…”
Now I know I’ll have nightmares.
Sadly, President Bonnie sort of took up where the Presiding Bishop left off in her talk. She deconstructed the 4th of July, reminding us how much we Americans have oppressed our own people and the world. She quoted a Frederick Douglas speech where Mr. Douglas said, “The 4th of July might be yours, but it’s not mine.”
This is sad. God, Bless America anyway.

BB NOTE: I was just going to put up the excerpt John Burwell refers to on the classic Moody Blues album, but thought, well - why not post the whole album for your General Convention 2012 listening pleasure?  So - here it is, a great soundtrack in fact for General Convention:


David Fischler said...

"The Story in Your Eyes" is on "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour," not "Days of Future Passed." Just sayin'...

David Fischler said...

The poem, "Breathe Deep the Gathering Gloom" is on "Days of Future Passed," however. It's read in conjunction with "Nights in White Satin."

bbaker4311 said...

Love the album. As a mostly former Episcopalian because of all the craziness, I watch as an interested outsider these days.

Yet I will listen to the album. Thanks very much.

bbaker4311 said...

red is grey and yellow white, and we decided which is real and which is illusion.

Yep that describes the Episcopal Church leadership right now.