Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let all mortal flesh keep silence

For all that has happened this evening in Indianapolis, this is the song that keeps playing in my mind, yes, in my heart.


Frank Hatch said...

Real Love:

The stewards of the various Christian denominations are well-versed in dialectical arguments; but it is only the Christian children that are capable of setting the arguments aside to try to wash each other's feet. Thus, Christians are able to repent their compromise with the World's Wisdom. The "wise" argument is never more important the love. Indeed, the faith itself is empty without love.

However, those churches that try to use a rationalized love to defend a favorite arugument will lose that argument with that truncated love; and they will probably lose their congregation. A congregation of functional individuals cannot be easily controlled. Such a congregation knows the difference between rationalized love and devine love. Many Christians can read their Bible to explore the Love of God; but, more important, Christians have empirical data.

Best Regards,

Frank Hatch
Initial Mass Displacements

Anonymous said...

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