Thursday, September 15, 2011

Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida Standing Committee nominates seven individuals for Bishop Coadjutor

Bishop John W. Howe, Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida.
UPDATE: You can now read more about the nominees here at the Diocese of Central Florida website.

The Rt. Rev'd John W. Howe has announced he plans to retire next year and called for the election of a Bishop Coadjutor. The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida has now placed before the diocese seven nominees.

via email:

The Rev. Gregory O. Brewer
Rector, Episcopal Parish of Calvary-St. George's
New York, New York

The Very Rev. Anthony P. Clark
Dean, Cathedral Church of St. Luke
Orlando, Florida

The Rev. Jonathan R. Davis
Vicar, Episcopal Church of the Incarnation
Director, Canterbury Retreat and Conference Center
Oviedo, Florida

The Very Rev. Charles L. Holt
Rector, St. Peter's Episcopal Church
Dean, Northeast Deanery
Lake Mary, Florida

The Rev. Timothy C. Nunez
Rector, St. Mary's Episcopal Church
Belleview, Florida

The Rev. Mary A. Rosendahl
Rector, Episcopal Church of the Nativity
Port St. Lucie, Florida

The Rev. James A. Sorvillo, Sr.
Rector, Episcopal Church of the Ascension
Orlando, Florida

The Nominees' biographical information, responses to questions, video greetings and more are being assembled at the Bishop Search website: A Forum is also being prepared where members of the Diocese may post questions to the Nominees. Another notification will be sent as soon as the site is 'live.' We apologize for the delay in the website information, but did not want to further delay publishing the names of the nominees while the finishing touches are being put on the website. We anticipate that this will be completed tomorrow. Another note will be sent out at that time.

The election of the Fourth Bishop of Central Florida will be held at a Special Convention on November 19, 2011 at Trinity Preparatory School, Winter Park, Florida.

The Rev. Timothy Nunez remains a member of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Central Florida, however, he has recused himself from all discussions and decisions relating to the election of our next Bishop, until we have completed the election successfully. He will continue to participate normally in other Standing Committee business.

Read more about the candidates here.


Keith Bramlett said...

Should make for an interesting Anglican Unscripted with Kevin and George this week.

Dale Matson said...

I am surprised the list was not pared down more.

Dale Matson said...

And who would Kevin and George be?

Unknown said...

Kevin and George are Kevin Kallsen and George Conger who have a weekly commentary show on Anglican TV called Anglican Unscripted. The latest episode is here:

George actually is a member of the clergy in the Diocese of Central Florida as well.


Anonymous said...

Looks like we have a candidate from each deanery!

Anonymous said...


In order to become a nominee, a nominee had to have 3 clergy nominations and 3 lay delegate nominations and pass a background check.

There was no paring down. Central Florida is using their own process which you can read about on the website listed in the article.

Please pray for us, that we will elevate God's choice.

Anon at 5:06 am - hadn't thought about that, but will pass it on to the nominees... ;-D

Lakeland Two