Thursday, September 15, 2011

Now Online: Investiture of Diocese of Mid-Atlantic Bishop

Click here to see the investiture service of the bishop of the ACNA Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic at Truro Church last weekend.


Kelso said...

I watched the whole thing hoping for Classical Anglicanism to return to America. No such luck.

This service was just as "Holy Roller" as the average Episcopal service, id est, people waving arms, clapping, whistling, rebel yells, using the altar as a cup holder for the bishop's water glass - just a dispiriting service.

Typical written on the fly liturgy. Twanging gee-tars and mawkish songs interspersed with wonderful hymns.

Nothing here to commend ACNA to Episcopalians loyal to the 1928 BCP and the old ways of what WAS the Church of Beauty.

Robin G. Jordan said...


It could have been worse. The guitars could have been electric. There could have been drums and a drummer, and the music could have been so loud that you feel it in your chest. The room could have been in darkness, except for the platform over which were playing different colored spot lights. Tall projection screens could have dominated the stage and on each screen the image of Archbishop Duncan. As Bishop Gurnsey came forward to be installed, multi-colored smoke could have been omitted from various points on the platform, and the smell of frankincense filled the auditorium, fireworks could have gone off, balloons fallen from the ceiling, and a troop of women in Carmen Miranda banana hats and flounced dresses could have danced down the aisle to the beat of conga drums. At which point the platform would have split in half revealing a hugh flight of stairs down which Archbishop Duncan would have come, tap dancing, and dressed in an immaculate white suit with tails and a top hat, followed by bevies of tap dancing young women. Now that would have been an investiture!!

RMBruton said...

Don't give them any ideas!

Unknown said...

Guys, why are you posting such ridicule? We're friends - I can't imagine if we were all out having coffee you would talk like this (after all you must know I am a member of Truro), why do you do it here?


Robin G. Jordan said...
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Robin G. Jordan said...


It was not intended as ridicule. I actually attend a church where the music is so loud that you can feel it in your chest, has colored spot lights playing over the stage, and large screens showing the pastor and whover else is on the platform. This is so that the congregation can see what is happening on the platform because the congregation at the 11:00 AM service has grown so large and people have difficulty seeing the platform. The church is targeted at university students and young adults and is modeled on Andy Stanley's North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. Anglican traditionalists would definitely not like our worship gatherings. I am involved in the church because it offers ministry opportunities that I cannot find in other churches in the area. I am usually working the lobby during worship gatherings. I damaged my hearing, attending too many rock concerts and sitting too close to the speakers. To visit The Journey Church's website, go to:

I then let my imagination run wild, imagining how Buzby Berkley would have put on Bishop Guernsey's investiture. It was all done in fun.

Kelso said...

As for my comment I had no idea you attend that church. I always regret when I offend anyone and I sincerely apologize that I offended you by my comments.

My comments are however an honest reflection of how I feel. I was a loyal 1928 Episcopalian and I miss going to church, but there doesn't seem to be a place for me anymore.

Robin G. Jordan said...


Do you know anyone like yourself in your area for whom the 1928 BCP is their Prayer Book? If you do, I would suggest getting together periodically for Morning or Evening Prayer. It does not require an ordained minister. The Prayer Book Society offers 10 free Prayer Books and an altar book for groups starting a new 1928 BCP church. Who knows what the Holy Spirit might do with your get-togethers? There are free hymn tune MIDIs online. J. C. Ryle's Expository Thoughts on the Gospels were meant to be read aloud to a group and can be used in place of a sermon.

You can contact me at for further ideas. I can also help you locate resources.

I am sojourning with a SBC church because it offers a number of opportunities for ministry that I cannot find elsewhere in my area. It also was a new church plant when I first moved to the area and God has given me a heart for new churches and the unchurched they seek to reach. Late in life I realized that he had equipped me for pioneering new churches. There were major theological differences between the Continuing Anglican and Episcopal churches in my area and myself. They also were not involved in the ministries for which God has given me a passion.

In the 1980s I helped to plant an Episcopal church and served as its senior lay reader for 15 years. I was asked to resign because I openly supported the AMiA and dropped from the church membership rolls. Since then I have sojourned in the churches of other denominations, all of them new church plants.

My heart goes out to you.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Robin, for your post. :) I understand. :)


Anonymous said...

BB - I did not take any of this as ridicule. I think you just have to accept that there are some of us (Scout, Kelso, Robin Jordan) with very conservative liturgical tastes who were drawn to Anglicanism by the traditional beauty of its rites. We do not relate well to some of the more innovative approaches to the mass. It's really just a matter of taste, I think.