Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Say what?

What in the world is this? 

Who would have thought it? Israel is now the "new" Sudan? 

If you do listen to the speeches of this "conference," take note of Rabbi Sperber as he refutes much of the premise of the conference, without poo-pooing the altruistic ideals of finding peaceful and prayerful solutions to the challenges facing all the people of Israel.  "Let us not think that is the complete picture," Rabbi Sperber said in his commentary of the speeches made earlier in the conference, "let us see a much broader picture of what has gone in the Holy Land since 1948 ..."  Listen to him carefully but not to the tepid applause following his presentation.  Do skip Rowan trying to reframe the Rabbi's talk afterwards, though. It's just plain sad.

NOTE: Now that Rowan's Media Geru has been tossed out into the bye and bye, would someone please, please encourage the Archbishop to stop playing political dress-up and go back to what he does best - teaching scripture.  When he steps into politics, he consistently steps into the doo doo, but when he teaches scripture he simply soars!  His teaching of scripture would probably do more for the cause of peace then all these over-wrought conferences and pontificating speeches put together.

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Anonymous said...

Weirdly of all the speeches from the first day, only the Rabbi's has not been posted at the ABC's site.