Monday, July 25, 2011

PBS covers the Lambeth Palace Conference

Again, it is what is not said that speaks volumes.


Anam Cara said...

Maybe I'm simplifying way too much, but I'd say that Israel and the Palestinian Christians (a minority group) need to join together against a common enemy - Hamas and radical Islam. I never hear of any such coalition.

Anonymous said...

AC - I think you overlook that Palestinian Christians are subject to the same kinds of pressures and deprivations as are Palestinian Muslims. The Palestinian Christian community (once much more vibrant and numerous than today - many Palestinian Christians have emigrated) is very much caught between the grindstones of Israeli and Fatah policies that have made peace unattainable in that region. But the idea that there is some sort of over-arching unity of interests between Israel and Palestinian Christians very much misunderstands the situation. I suspect that most Palestinian Christians would not have a more elevated view of the State of Israel than do their Muslim neighbors. It is an extremely bad situation for all concerned.