Monday, February 08, 2010

Why the Church of England should take steps to be in full communion with the ACNA

A layman in the Diocese of Europe makes the case of why the Church of England should take steps to be in full communion with the Anglican Church in North America. Here's an excerpt:
Should the Church of England remain in communion with The Episcopal Church while failing to enter full communion with the ACNA, I fear we shall be inducing “fundamentalism” within our own church, and outside of it.

“Fundamentalism” is indeed a “loaded word” – it is also highly pejorative, but I believe that it’s probably the most fit word to describe what a likely effect will be of a prolonged period of time continuing in full communion with The Episcopal Church, without entering such with the ACNA. Indeed, I believe that entering full communion with ACNA will do a great deal to stem the tide of fundamentalism which will likely come from our continuing communion relationship with The Episcopal Church.
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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Where has this blog been?
Wonderful explanation of PB's words without letting her off the hook.

One would hope Synod would follow this man's advice, he makes points most of us never thought of..

Thanks BB,
Grandmother in SC

Don said...

This is wonderful. One comment on a quote from him:

"However, all of the things are, in my opinion, of very little concern compared to the spectre of a church losing its faith in the risen Christ."

That's really the key issue. If people in the TEC would focus on that first rather than the other issues we've seen over the last two score (Prayer Book and LGBT bishops, to name two) the rest of it would have taken care of itself a long time ago.

But then again Episcopalians have traditionally had an allergy about being "dogmatic" about anything. But the result of it is allowing the church to come into control of those who are dogmatic about everything they believe.