Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bob Dylan Debuts on XM May 3

Finally! After months of announcements, Bob Dylan is finally making his debut with his own radio program at XM. When I first found out that he was going to be doing this show, I had no idea what "XM" was. How do you hear it? What do you need to hear it? I combed through Best Buy, I haunted Circuit City, I patrolled through Radio Shack, I loitered in CompuCenter and even disappeared in Micro Center, trying to figure out how I could actually hear the show. Was I going to have to buy some $400 receiver? Would it have to be plugged into my car? Was that the only way?

I'd ask questions to the salesmen and they didn't know - what's XM? I felt like the lone voice crying in the desert, "Prepare Ye for Bob Dylan! He is Coming Soon!" Only I was going to miss him because I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I needed - there was no handbook, no brochure that said "Here's how you can hear Bob Dylan on XM."

Then one day, just a few weeks ago, I was sitting in Common Grounds at Truro, just browsing around online when I discovered that AOL had partnered with XM! As a faithful AOL member I all ready had the rights to listen to XM - right from my laptop or my MacMini at home! All I needed to do was to download the special AOL/XM Software and I was in business! Way Cool!

So I did and over the past few weeks I have discovered just how cool XM really is. And there's Bob, pioneering as usual. Now we get him spinning the records while we listen and learn. Bob's talked about the early years in Minnesota when he'd listen to his radio in the night when it could pick up the faraway stations. It was there, on the radio in those early years that he discovered the artists and musicians that would influence his entire musical (and personal) life. And now he's going to return the favor.

Coming, May 3 to XM Channel 40.

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