Monday, November 19, 2012

Must be Santa?

There's been a lot of chatter in the recent days about "gifts" and what effect "gifts" had on the election outcome.  Mitt Romney kicked the whole thing off during a teleconference with his supporters when he explained his view on how Barack Obama achieved success on election day:
“What the president’s campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote.” 
Of course, if we pause for a moment we realize that this is exactly the sort stuff lobbyists do when they are hired and head up to the Hill.  They aren't just marching around for their own peace of mind - they are hired to go get "gifts" from the government.

Someone actually pointed this out a couple of years ago.  The song came to mind as the "gift" chatter has turned to politicians acting out like Santa.  Well, guess who figured that out already.  


Anam Cara said...

no, no, the lobbyists go GIVE gifts to Congress to GET gifts from the government.

BabyBlue Anglican said...

Ah, but does not Santa have to decide who has been naughty or nice?