Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today at the Cafe: The Church's One Foundation

The classic love song with music by Brian Moss:


Kelso said...

One of the very best hymns of the church - theologically impeccable and masterfully written.

Used to be my very favorite till I discovered Once to Every Man and Nation.

Anonymous said...

An interesting exchange would be for people to identify (as has Kelso) hymns that are of great importance or meaning to them. I suspect we have all had Kelso's experience of having one primary favorite at a particular time only to have that give way to something else as time passes (for me in my youth it was "Stand up, Stand up for Jesus", now I find myself humming "God of Grace and God of Glory" a good bit as I putter around in old age - I guess that tracks my career progression from being a pugnacious fighter to being a doddering old futzer). I tend to go for the "rousers" as opposed to some of the more stately items, but chacun a son gout, as they say in Nantes, when not formulating Edicts.


Have A. Sandwiche said...