Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day Two: Quick Update

I've rushed over to Starbucks with a quick update. Both Bishop Martyn Minns and Bishop John Guernsey were on the stand this morning, explaining to the court the division that has occurred in the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Virginia. They were followed by Dr. Paul Julienne, member of the Truro Vestry and member of the Diocese of Virginia's Reconciliation Commission where he testified that the Commission reported that there was a Level Five (the most severe) division in the Diocese of Virginia.

Another highlight was that Bishop Minns was made the official agent of Truro Church in the courtroom. This was objected to by the Diocese of Virginia saying that he has no official connection to Truro. Bishop David Jones is sitting in the front seat of the gallery in his purple shirt throughout the trial. The Diocese of Virginia/815 had said that there was a remote possibility that Bishop Minns would be called to the stand by the Episcopal Church (which would have kept him out of the courtroom until he testified, if he ever testified). Since the Diocese admitted that the possibility was "remote" and Bishop Minns is Truro's bishop, Judge Bellows overruled the objection and Bishop Minns is now also in the courtroom.

Paul Julienne will return to the stand after lunch.

UPDATE: Here is the Diocese of Virginia Reconciliation Commission Report that talks about the Level Five conflict. You can find it here.

The Diocese of Virginia Protocol for a Departing Congregation is here at the Diocese of Virginia official website.

Here is a video report from Brit Hume's Special Report on FoxNews here.


Mark Harris said...

BB...thanks for the update. I was looking forward to another drawing!

Pat Dalzell said...

BB, you are our life line to the court, thank you so much. I too, was looking forward to another drawing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the judge has already seen through the lies and prevarications of those liberal scum, and is hearing the truth spoken by the holy!


Dear Christ- I pray for the destruction of the heretics, that they will be thrown down from their seats, that they will be scattered in the imagination of their hearts! I pray that you will lift up the lowly, lift up bishop Minns, Truro church, and your true and faithful people in Virginia

And most strongly I pray for punitive damanges so huge that all the remaining parishes of the dioese of Virginia are liquidated or are given to CANA in payment of this debt!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Karen said...

Hmmm. the anon. comment above sounds like it might be from the infamous "sinner" from T19 and Stand Firm.

I am praying today, but not THAT prayer! LOL.

Thanks so much for keeping those of us near & far updated dear BB. You are a blessing!


Anonymous said...

I hope the judge sees through the facade of ownership to the truth of abandonment/cessation/and interference with the continued worship of those faithful to ECUSA.

Not that I find any pleasure in what is happening to anyone involved in this sad event.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the diocese wants to keep ++Martyn out of the courtroom.

But I've never claimed to have a legal mind.


Anonymous said...

5:00 pm anonymous, you do realize this is a case in equity, and as such there are no money damages here, and no punitive damages? Chill out, dude. Your love-your-enemies is very weak right now.

Kevin said...

Selah -- I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but in an industry that prone to property damage and contract law suits and had the "joys", of several trials.

On this case the DioVA seems to be correct in their being in the defendant slot (going second) on this trial which means part of their council's job is to find anything and everything to object towards, so if the ruling is not favorable they have something the appellate court can review. It's probably less important to them to keep +Minns out as it is to have something a higher court can spank the judge over. When it's the defendant phase then CANA lawyers should be looking to object to anything and everything in case the ruling is unfavorable. Now they both will be looking in cross examinations both sides will be looking as well.

It's all in the 'game.' I've been deposed by a WGL lawyer who could be as nasty as anything, but once the deposition was over, sweet as pie. I doubt either side is really emotional about any of this but always looking, in some ways it may be a tad better their objection was overruled (if upheld and they needed to appeal, that's one less thing for their case).

Not everything is what it seems in a court room, I dreaded it every time (state tribunals are not that bad but I dislike district courts).