Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Faith in Conflict Conference opens at Coventry

Here is the first talk from the Faith in Conflict Conference at Coventry Cathedral in England:

The Exasperating Patience of God by the Rev'd Sam Wells.

Sam Wells is Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields and Visiting Professor of Christian Ethics at King’s College, London. He is a graduate of Merton College, Oxford, attended seminary at New College, Edinburgh, and studied for his Ph.D. at Durham University.

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gotta genocidal germ said...

St. Martin-in-the-Fields does Living The Questions for their adult education course.

You can go to St. Martin-in-the-Fields and hear about how people who think that Christians should believe that Jesus rose from the dead ... have a genocidal germ and are very close to going on a spree killing off everyone who disagrees with them. LtQ at St. M-i-F

Beware! Those people in that church across the street - they've got this genocidal germ! At any moment they could flip out and slaughter your family. Or maybe you could catch it!

Video shown at St. Martin in the Fields' Adult Education