Friday, September 14, 2012

Bob Dylan releases Tempest

When Bob Dylan releases an album, to have the audacity to review just it just a few of days after its release is, well, pointless.  In the old days we went to the record store, bought the album and then sat there, playing it over and over again on the turntable until we could quote it.  Today we download the album into a our device of choice (in my case, my iPhone) and it follows us everywhere until it really does become the soundtrack of our present life.

That is where I am at this point - Tempest is following me around.

In the meantime, with a major tip of the tinfoil to Sean, here is the song name-checked by Dylan in the current  Rolling Stone cover story interview (an undertaking all by itself).  This is a song for such a week as this.

In the meantime, get your copy of Tempest here.


Mike said...

The Tempest has been following me around on my iPod lately, too! Dylan never loses his touch, I just can't shake it. I also like the video for Duquesne Whistle that they have up on Vevo, you should check it out.

Adecmr said...

Bob Dylan never fails to impress! Once a legend, always a lengend! Tempest is an amazing record!