Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Breaking News: Make or break meeting set for Churck Murphy and the Archbishop of Rwanda; will meet in Nairobi today

From here:

Bishop Chuck Murphy
The leader of the Anglican Mission in America, Bishop Chuck Murphy, will meet with the Primate of Rwanda today to seek a resolution to the split that has seen nine AMiA bishops quit the province and the Anglican Communion.

The Archbishop of Kenya, Dr. Eliud Wabukhala will host the 4 Jan 2012 meeting between Bishop Murphy and Archbishop Onesphore Rwaje in Nairobi.  Other African and North American church leaders are expected to attend the meeting as well.

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RMBruton said...

Won't you help us find a cure for Ecclesiastical Bipolarism? The deal, if there is one, had been made before the plane tickets were booked. The laity are being bounced around like children in a custody battle. Will Murphy and Donlon participate in the destruction of their creation, the Rwandan Canons? The well known story of Solomon ruling to cut the child in half would have a very different fame had the two women involved said "go ahead, cut the child in half".

RMBruton said...

Regardless of what they "accomplished" in Nairobi, the parties involved will have their Spin-Masters weaving some announcement in the next day or so. Unless it was a complete debacle, in which case they are hoping for some distraction to come along to buy them more time to spin. it makes me think of Neville Chamberlain descending from the plane on his return from Berlin, waving his piece of paper signed by Mr. Hitler. We all know how that worked out.

Anonymous said...

The Holy Spirit is moving me to join the Anglican church, but the schism gives me cause to pause. That, and there is no traditional Anglican church within 90 minutes of my home. :(